Top 4 travel destinations in Central America

Central America stands out from the rest of America. It has a rich history and breathtaking beauty that makes it a favorite place to visit all year round, even for successful business owner, Aaron from Pedleys Solar, that travels the 36 hour trip from Australia every second year to visit.

Aaron says the area is full of activities for all ages. In ancient times, natural and tectonic activity rocked the place. The rich history of this place reminds people of many such settlements that took place in the region and today the political scenario in these countries is dynamic. Therefore the overall look of the venue is versatile and inviting. Check out these top 4 travel destinations in Central America


Belize Barrier Reef is one of the best attractions to choose from with many excursions and tours, and divers can also wish to dive into Belize’s Blue Hole. The blue hole is 1,000 feet long and 400 feet deep, and the Barton Creek Caves are located in a cave branch system in the Cao District. Offering some of the most exciting cave structures, you can reach this mysterious world only by boat. Your guide will point to ancient Mayan relics, stalactites, and giant stalagmites. The Mayan ruins in El Caracol are something that will not be missed in your visit to Belize.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one f the best travel destination in central America You can do whatever you want in Costa Rica. The beaches of the Nicoya Peninsula in the Guanacaste province of northern Costa Rica are world-famous for surfing and landscaping and are a great place for sunbathing. Due to its rain forests, whale watching, turtle nesting beaches, and a host of other natural wonders, nature lovers and ecologists will love Costa Rica. Those with deeper tastes will be able to fill their days shopping or going to museums, and their nights visiting arts or clubs.


Panama is perhaps the most famous of the Panama Canal. You cannot visit Panama without appearing in the Miraflores Visitor Center to see a museum with interactive exhibits about the historic canal. Explore the ruins of Casco Vigo and the ancient Spanish colonial city.

Amador Causeway is a major attraction in Panama and a great way to see the city’s skyline. Full of restaurants, biking, and jogging trails, and plenty for travelers to see, Amador Causeway is an easy way to offer culture and sites.


If you are planning to go to Central America for a great holiday experience then you can think about visiting various cities in Guatemala. Pyramids, ancient peaks and dense forests. The serene and beautiful environment of this place makes it such a wonderful place from which one can have panoramic views of the city. It is an important part of the history of Guatemala and the journey would be incomplete without exploring this attraction.

These top 4 travel destinations in Central America are a taste of the beauty and cultural heritage that settled in Central America. Take advantage of technological advances and research today and book your next trip to Central America online. From sites that compare flight costs with online travel insurance, you’ll be ready in a jiffy…

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We’re going to the US! But where should we go?

You’ve made the decision. You’re going to spend the money, and take the time to cross the Atlantic to visit the United States.

But you need to realize, the US covers a vast amount of land. East/West: it’s 4612km (2866mi) from New York to California. North/South: it’s 3582km (2226mi) from Maine to Florida. It will be hard to see it all. Time to focus:


The US can be divided into four major regions: the Northeast, the South, the Midwest, and the West. Each of these areas offers a different feel, and sometimes dramatically different landscapes. Take a look at the places that you’re already interested in. Maybe you’ve always wanted to see New York City.

That’s in the Northeast. But you’re also dying to spend some time at Disney World. That’s in Florida: that’s the South. It’s also a day & a half car ride, or a 2 1/2 hour flight (not including transportation to/from airports).

It’s time to set some goals, and determine what you want to see. Take a look at at a map that shows the four regions, and see if you can start to see clusters. Think about the things you really want to do, the things that you might want to do, and the things you don’t care about. For example, if you live in a large city like London or Paris, you may want to escape the traffic and noise. You can honestly find that anywhere, but the Northeast has a lot of it.


Here you’ll find cities like Boston, New York, Washington DC, and Philadelphia. Much of the coast is jammed with people. Even Cape Cod (in Massachusetts), which was once a quiet beach retreat now has swarms of people during the summer. But once you get away from the coast, you’ll find quaint New England towns throughout the region. Every October, the leaves change color, and during October, you can see extraordinary colors.


One of the big draws in the South is Walt Disney World near Orlando, Florida. A first-time visitor can spend two weeks there. But Florida (and the rest of the Gulf Coast) has beautiful beaches. Much of the South is flat, but you can find mountains in North Carolina and Tennessee.


Chicago (in Illinois) and the Great Lakes are the a big draw for this region. You’ll also see farmland. This is the the American Heartland, and the fields stretch for miles.


If you’re looking for cowboys, look no further than Wyoming and Montana. They are rugged states with a small population. But you can find fantastic guest ranches all over the west. The multiple mountain ranges are a sight to see.


Hawaii and Alaska are so far west that they’re not even west. The four main Hawaiian islands offer a completely different US experience, with year-round beautiful water. Alaska is as rugged as it gets, and this vast, unspoiled territory should ultimately be on everyone’s list.…

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